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Each belief system has an original source, often a book, upon which it is based. We can usually learn quite a lot from individuals who belong to each faith. However, to form a complete picture of someone’s beliefs, we must read its scripture; in Islam this means reading the Holy Quran.

The Quran was sent by Allah more than 1400 years ago and not written down or recorded as such but rather through oral revelation and transmission. It was revealed in Arabic, over a period of 23 years. When it was finally completed, it consisted of 114 sections called Surahs. We can never fully capture its beauty through translations because no matter how hard you try, translating words into other languages won’t be able to give true meaning like the original. So why should you be reading the Quran?

1. Unchanged Word of God

The Quran is the “unadulterated” word of God, and it has been preserved in its original form since its revelation more than 1400 years ago. While God sent other scriptures to various groups over the centuries, some were altered when translated and others lost their authenticity as time passed. The Quran however, has been retained in classical Arabic not only due to written transmission, but also through oral transmissions that span centuries across many Muslims who have memorized every verse!

2. Timeless Teaching

The Quran, unlike other scriptures sent to messengers for their specific populations in their particular time periods, is relevant to all people of all times and places. It was the final message from God on earth.

3. Relatable Guidance

The Quran gives answers to life’s big questions. It tells us where we come from and why there is suffering in this world. The Quran also explains what the future holds, how to ensure we secure a good position in our next life, and much more!

4. Critical Thinking

Islam is not the same as blind faith. Muslims are invited to read and contemplate every word of the Quran, while it challenges our assumptions and encourages readers to use their intellect. Again and again, the Quran asks: “Will you not reason?” “Have you seen?” “Have you considered?” We live in an age where moments for reflection on ourselves are few; however reading a Quran will lead one to ponder many things: world affairs, social norms during that time period or era in which they exist, etcetera.

5. Advanced Scientific Insights

The Quran is different from other religions because it complements modern day scientific knowledge. From embryology to meteorology, geology and more – the text of the Quran has proven to be amazingly accurate in light of scientific discoveries that were only made in the last century.