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The Quran is the revelation from God to our final Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). The beautiful words of the Quran go straight to your heart if read with an open mind. Many people have remarked how calming and peaceful listening to recitation of the Quran is. When you are reading it, it will feel as though God Himself was speaking directly to you and acknowledging you in every instance possible, thus making this a source of mercy for all mankind! Let’s explore ways that make up this divine revelation:

Amazing Miracles 

The Quran is only one of the many miracles that were revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, which proves its authenticity and confirmation from Allah Himself. Despite there being some translations available to read, they are based on an original text in Arabic with no changes made – unlike other religions who have multiple versions or edits to their texts over time.

The Quranic Challenge

God gave this culture the challenge of producing one chapter like the Quran. This was a skill they were masters at, and He knew it would be impossible for them to produce something of such quality. They could speak prose in poetry contests with other people all excelling in different grammatical styles, much like many Shakespeare’s gatherings! God purposefully challenged them knowing how skilled they already were linguistically, but also knowing that words on paper couldn’t compete with Quranic verses which are divinely revealed by Him and have existed since time immemorial.

Global Memorization

Muslims all around the world, young and old, memorize chapters from the Quran as is their tradition. The first chapter of the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who couldn’t read or write. He would recite it word for word and Allah granted him that ability. Nowadays you can walk up to any Muslim on the street and ask them what’s in Chapter 1, they’ll be able to tell you without missing a beat.

Divine Predictions

There are prophecies in the Quran of future events, such as how the Byzantines would defeat Persia. This prophecy was made after Byzantine had been heavily defeated and no one expected them to ever be victorious again. Many believed that they were going to be completely destroyed, but Allah said:

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"The Byzantines have been defeated!"

[Noble Quran 30:2]

Despite the Byzantines not expecting the empire to even survive, they did exactly as the Quran said they would and defeated the Persians.

The Quran is a beautiful source of guidance for all mankind. If you seek inner peace, you will find it through the wisdom and eloquence in God’s revealed book.

Experience The Quran

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